Things to put into consideration when designing custom decals

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05 Jun, 2023


Decals are brilliant advertising material for business when used appropriately and designed well. But most people do not know where to start when it comes to designing decals. Also, graphic designers without sufficient experience can mess up the design process. Using decals for promotional purposes is not just about creating pretty ones. It requires a more specialized approach and things to take into consideration. They include the material that will be best for the job, the color to use, its usefulness, the message you want to communicate, the copy of your decals, the sizing, the typography, and the actual printing process. These might sound complicated to achieve at first. But they get better when you follow the proper steps.

Affordable signs and graphics have designed decals for hundreds of happy clients, and our team of designers is well-versed in the art of custom decals. We are here to guide you through the design process. Read on as we walk you through the process of creating and designing the perfect custom decals to ensure your finished product looks as good in real life as it did on the screen.


Custom decals are sticker-like products in different colors. They are the ideal way to add flair and personalization to your business advertisement. They contain logos, quotes, or images that mean something special to your business. Custom decals come in various shapes and sizes and are made of paper, vinyl, ceramic substrates, plastic, and many more. So, you can find one that fits your business perfectly.



Choosing the right size and shape of your decals before other aspects of designing is paramount. In most cases, this is almost solely dependent on the intended use of the decal.

A rectangular and square design are often the most cost-effective decals to produce as they do not require additional custom shaping. But you can create more custom-shaped designs depending on your creative process.

Also, it is vital to know you are not bound to designs with a few centimeters in diameter. You can design decals up to a few feet in size and length, making it a great option if you want to create wall decals and others.


Custom decals are promotional tools meant to grab people's attention. But most decals are viewed by potential customers from a distance. Therefore, you must ensure your decals are bright, colorful, and attractive. They must also stand out beautifully and appealing from a distance. These grab the attention of your target audience and create the awareness your business deserves. Also, making your decals attractive doesn't necessarily mean using all colors in your design. One or two colors will work best if you learn more about color theory and follow the color palette.


One hugely important thing to focus on when designing your decals is your choice of typography. Typography can make or break a design if you are inexperienced in using fonts. Hence, sticking to simple, bold fonts for maximum impact is the best option for beginners. Choose a bold and clear typeface that is readable from a distance.

The aim of decals is not to give the audience your life story. It is simply to create brand visibility, attract attention and keep the readability high. If your audience cannot read your brand name or message, they cannot react and will not get engaged with your business. Thus, the decal for your business promotion needs to be readable and communicate your business message.


A decal attracts attention to your brand and increases brand awareness. So, high contrast text should be a priority when designing your decals. Also, your message should be clear, and always choose legibility over the coolness factor. Strong text often attracts attention to your decals. It invokes a sense of curiosity and makes potential customers want to know more about your business. It also impacts your design more than a whole paragraph and tells people about your business ideas. Therefore, always remember that less is more in decals design and research some basic design principles online.


Humor is one tactic that rarely fails to grab people's attention in marketing. Many people love to laugh, and using subtle humor in your design makes them remember your business for the right reasons. It also ensures your decal makes a lasting impression, stands out from the crowd, and gets the attention it deserves. Humorous decals might not be suitable for every brand. So, ensure it aligns with your existing brand identity.


Custom decals are great for incorporating and expressing your brand. They must stand out and look relevant to the nature of your business. An irrelevant decal will not serve the purpose of conveying your message, and the audience will not be able to relate to your business. They must also reflect the elements of your business. Although color schemes, typography, and so forth are important, your brand should stay at the heart of your design. So, do not incorporate colors or typography that do not reflect your brand or adhere to your already-existing brand identity.


Your custom decals must be direct enough to enable your audience to relate to your brand. And this guide acts as a rough guideline for your design. But the success of your decals is ultimately down to creativity, experience, and professionalism. So, thorough research is needed when hiring a professional designer to make it worthwhile. Working with the right company ensures you get the right balanced decal for your business.


Affordable signs and graphics have the most professional, creative, and innovative team members. We develop multiple solutions to your problems and ensure you are never short of options. Our expert graphic designers and branding gurus will help get your business noticed. Get in touch with us to give your business the desired impact.

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