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05 Jun, 2023

Trailer Decals

Rebranding your business by creating new marketing strategies to beat the competition and gain maximum exposure for your business is paramount in this competitive era. Yes, it is time to experience the unmatched potential of custom truck decals, an easy and less expensive advertising technique.

Several businesses have acknowledged the significance of custom decals. They have used them successfully in various advertising campaigns. They are compatible with multiple surfaces while advertising your business and developing your brand. These decals also effortlessly reinforce your business to existing and potential customers.

At affordable signs and graphics, we are passionate about getting you in touch with your future client base, so we have compiled a detailed list of how to promote your business through truck decals.


Your business logo is the first visual someone has of your company. It is also the first impression of your business and should be a lasting impression. Creating a truck decal for your business is simple if you already have one. If your company doesn’t have a logo, then create one. Keeping your logo simple and unique makes it attractive and easy to read. Affordable signs and graphics can help you design a logo.


The tagline you use is as important as your logo. It tells your potential customers exactly what you do and what sets you apart from your competitors. Some customers ultimately choose your service because of your tagline. Your taglines should be fun, informational, inspirational, and attractive. It should also be clear, simple, and top-notch. People should not guess what you do or get confused when reading your taglines. Below are examples of clear, straightforward, and informative taglines

  • Professional, cost-effective, and appealing
  • Providing honest answers to your branding problem
  • Premier provider of custom truck decals
  • Professional and high-quality service
  • Promoting your business is our goal
  • Let us fix your stagnant business marketing.


Using a graphic designer is paramount when designing your decals. You can also meet with a decal company and let their professional staff help you create and select the layout for your truck decals. Also, let them know your services, what makes your company unique, and your target audience. These help creates a theme for your business branding and captures the right feel and font style size. Your goal is to catch the attention of your target audience, and graphics will do that job. But doing it yourself without experience and the help of an experienced professional may not result in successful marketing.


There are different types of decals depending on your preference and services. These include numbers, letters, cut-out images, and many more. Here are some examples below.

Decal Images

Images are perfect for catching attention. Therefore, adding images gives your decals a professional and attractive appeal. But ensure it is not too large and busy. Customers only have a few seconds to view your information, and you want them to read your name, logo, and contact information.

Reflective Decals

Your business advertisement should be visible any time of the day and not end at sunset. Spend a little extra on reflective letters and numbers, similar to ones on emergency vehicles. But make sure your name and contact information light up.

Die cuts decals

Die cuts can be printed in every shape and size, making it an excellent choice for your decal design. These decals can be on any part of your truck.

Weatherproof decals

Weatherproof decals are your best bet because they are water-resistant under every circumstance. With them, you do not need to change your truck decal in the rainy season. They can be immersed in water and still maintain their quality.


The most crucial part of using truck decals is looking for a professional company that can effectively and efficiently do the job without any hitches or glitches. Consult a company with a good reputation in the industry. Do some research by checking online for reviews and testimonials to find the best one in your location.


A fancy decal design is useless if nobody can see it. That is why it is essential to place it where it is noticeable. Also, keep the vital information large and easy to read from about 30 feet away. So, people stuck in traffic can see your professionalism and patronize your business.


An easy and effective way to advertise your business is decals. Among the multitudes of advertising methods available, truck decals advertising will not be going away anytime soon. It is a low-cost and highly customizable option, making people eager to put it on their trucks. But it is crucial to consider its pros before going all in. Here are the pros of using truck decals for advertising your business.


One of the most attractive pros of using truck decals for advertising your business is that the purchase is one-time. It is better than many digital ads where you typically pay for impressions or conversions every time. You only pay a fixed price and then forget about it until it needs replacement. Also, truck decals are long-lasting, depending on how well it is maintained.


Customized decals help in personalizing your truck and promoting your brand. They put more emphasis on the brand and are an eye-catchy way of drawing attention to your business.


One of the significant benefits of truck decals is that they are limitless. There is no constraint on the shape, size, color, or design. These help businesses incorporate A wide range of creativity and display information.


Your trucks are often the faces of your company, and adding professional, compelling advertising to it is a no-brainer. With ROI, little to no maintenance, and constant exposure while on the road, truck decals are an excellent method to attract new customers.

The beauty of personalized truck decals is that they are flexible and offer to add information of your choice. Do you need professional help to design custom truck decals that will accelerate your business? Feel free to get in touch with affordable signs and graphics today.

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